Covenant Membership

Missio Dei Church is a family, adopted by God (Gal. 4:6-7; Eph. 1:5). From him we receive the privilege to be his children, worship Jesus together, serve in his kingdom, and follow him on mission in everyday life. We love one another, care for each other, pray for each other, and serve together.

Becoming a covenant member of Missio Dei Church means belonging to a family of worshipping servants who are sent on mission by Jesus to make disciples for His glory. It is a commitment to the mission of God as we reintroduce His gospel to our city by making His Kingdom visible by declaring the good news and displaying its effects together in everyday life. We live for Jesus as a gospel-centered community on mission.

Covenant Membership is about more than attending church gatherings. Members commit to joining a spiritual family that provides encouragement and support. They are called to a higher degree of responsibility, service and sacrifice. Our pastors/elders and leaders pledge to assist our Covenant Members with care, counsel, prayer and teaching.

We hope that, as the Lord leads, you make a covenant to be part of our church family.

There are 2 steps in becoming a Covenant Family Member of Missio Dei Church:

Membership Class

We want you to make an informed decision about joining our church. Our class covers what it means to be a Covenant Member as well as our beliefs and distinctives of Missio Dei Church. The class will function as an orientation for who we are, what we believe, and how we live. You’ll explore membership in a six-week class.


View the “Events” calendar here to find the next Membership Class.

At the conclusion of the Membership Class – you will register for a time to meet with our pastors and sign the Membership Covenant.

Signing the Covenant

The final step in becoming a member is to meet with our Elder Team to sign the Membership Covenant. We will review the covenant, listen to your testimony and answer any questions you might have.

After taking a membership class, fill out a membership application and . You’ll need to bring this with you as you meet with the pastors. Also, make sure to read the Church Constitution and Member Covenant before your time with us. 

Once you fulfill the requirements of membership and sign the covenant, you are considered a Covenant Family Member.

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