podcasts we recommend

Podcasts can function as help supplement resources for our dsicipleship  

  • Doctrine and Devotion is a weekly podcast exploring Christian faith and practice from an experiential perspective marked by the fun and humor that characterize real friendship.

  • in the room with Ryan Huguley

    In The Room is a long form podcast hosted by Ryan Huguley. It's conversations with pastors, authors and artists about concepts and ideas that matter. Learn more at RyanHuguley.com

  • Saturate is committed to seeing a gospel movement happen in North America and beyond in which every man, woman, and child have a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed. This podcast is an ongoing conversation with disciples, leaders, and experts growing in the gospel and growing in living the implications of the gospel in community and on mission.

  • The B.A.R. stands for Biblical and Reformed. This is a podcast that look at the world with a biblical world view and reformed theological perspective examining current events as well as interviewing great guest. Exposing our audience to sound biblical doctrine and theology.

  • For the Church is a podcast hosted by Jared Wilson and exists to engage, encourage, and equip the church with Gospel-Centered resources that are pastoral, practical, and devotional. 

  • Downline Ministries exists to encourage a restoration of biblical discipleship in and through the local church by strategically partering with church leadership to equip men and women to make disciples in their home, church and community for the glory of God and the exaltation of Christ among the nations.

  • The Disciple Maker’s Podcast exists to tell stories about disciples of Jesus who are effectively making disciples in North America (and beyond). Discipleship.org, who produces the podcast, exists to Champion Jesus’ way of disciple making. Episodes for The Disciple Maker’s Podcast are published in thematic seasons. The goal is to fan the flame of disciple making in the world and bring Christians back to Jesus’ way of discipleship.

    Join the revolution: Make disciples who make disciples of Jesus.

  • Pass the mic

    “Pass the Mic” is the podcast of The Reformed African American Network. The podcast and the Network exist to “address the core concerns of African Americans.” Join hosts Jemar Tisby and Tyler Burns each week for wide-ranging discussions from a biblical world and life view.

    The new RSS Feed can be found by clicking the picture or older podcast can be found here.