Man-to-Man Discipleship

Sunday Morning at 9:15am

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.  - Proverbs 27:17

When: Sunday Morning  9:15am

Where: Man Cave (Upstairs) | 621 S. White Station Rd. Memphis TN 38117

Man-to-Man helps ordinary men learn to follow Jesus, lead their family, and live for the glory of God in everyday life by the power of the Holy Spirit. Come join us as we study together with other men and learn how the bible calls men to walk with God as a normal part of life. Invite some guys and come join us for some great food and time together in community.

The purpose of Man-to-Man is to teach and challenge men of all ages to live for the glory of God in everyday life together with other men as a normal pattern of life as they truly leave a legacy behind them. We want you to make disciples while being made into a gospel-centered disciple.

Our Prayer is that God would shape men by his gospel for the good of the man himself, the wife he was given, his children, the generation after him, the work he does, the church he serves, and the city he is in all for the glory of Jesus.

Our hope is that Memphis will be changed when the Spirit leads men to love Jesus with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength, and learn to love others the very way Jesus did as we give ourselves to the mission of making disciples of Jesus in everyday life. Come join and see God begin to transform your life by the power of His gospel through His Spirit.

  • We want men who will commit to: 
  • Love, serve, and pray for their own wife
  • Pray and lead their own family
  • Have their bible opened, believed, and applied in their homes
  • Who believe in the gospel and follow Jesus Christ in everyday life
  • Who walk in the Spirit
  • Who live for the glory of God
  • Faithfully serve the church
  • Who leave behind a generational legacy so that their grandchildren will worship the same God as you because your children worship the same God as you.

women's theology group

Sunday 9:15am

When: Sunday Morning | 9:15am

Where: In the Women's Theology Room (First Door on the right in the children's wing)

Come join other ladies every Sunday morning at 9:15am as we walk through the scriptures and see how to apply the good news into our everyday life. Women were created purposefully by God to live passionately for the glory of Jesus by the power of His Spirit and through the gospel. This is an amazing time to learn, laugh, cry, and pray in community for the purpose of mission. During this time we study the scriptures to know who God is, what He does, and how it practically effects our lives. How important it is then to study His Word with other women living life together through the gift of community! Come find out and don’t miss this incredible time!

Women's Ministry

“It is imperative for the health of the church that the call to men to rise up does not inadvertently ask women to shrink back” ~Brad House

The statement above is a reflection of the desire of our Women’s Ministry at Missio Dei Church. Women are vital to a healthy church. We need women to serve and bless Jesus and His church and without the gifted work of the women in the church, we’re deprived of the blessing that these women only can bring to the community. We need gospel-centered women who love God with their heart, mind, soul, and strength, and because of Jesus seek to love others as he has loved them. We need the women in community to be confident in their identity as daughters of God and exercise their gifts within the body for the fame of Jesus. They are essential to our communities and without them the whole body suffers. We love the women Jesus has brought into the life of His church and they are vital to the health and life of the church.

Our prayer for women is that they would find their identity in Christ alone as an equal image bearer of their God and King, love their families, walk together with other women in community, & make the reality of His Kingdom visible by declaring the good news and displaying its effects together in everyday life.

Today, many women do not function through the biblical framework of the gospel in all areas of their life. Women have to be retrained on how to live life through the lens of following Jesus and His gospel everyday. Working hard, growing in grace, loving a husband, raising a family, serving their homes, being a friend, being faithful to your church community, and living life does not have to be meaningless, joyless, unrewarding, and vain. Only through gospel-centered community can you see the value and worth of serving Jesus in your everyday life.

The best way to get plugged into the life of Missio Dei Memphis Women is to get involved in Women’s Bible Study on Sunday morning where you will know and be known by women who will love, encourage, challenge you, and point you to Jesus who can alone complete you.

Missio Dei Memphis Women’s Ministries are open to all women of any age and stage of life. To learn more about Women’s Ministries available to you, or if you have questions, contact the church office.