Thanks for listening to our sermons and teachings. We are humbled and thankful that you are choosing to allow us speak into your life through our sermons online. To make things convenient for you, you can listen to our current teaching series here or look below to find a link to an older teaching series. If you find these messages helpful and would like to to download or share them with others you believe they would be a help too please feel free.


As A Note: Our messages are designed for the growth and discipleship primarily the members of Missio Dei Church. We hope God will bless you, shape you, and serve through our church. We do ask you if you are not a member of Missio Dei to remember that our teaching should be supplemental to your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and in no way would replace your community of the local church you should be growing with, and in no way a replacement to the pastor the Lord has put over you to shepherd, care for your soul, and disciple you. So please enjoy the next hour of our teaching and thank you for listening. We are praying that God would use them to help you believe the gospel and follow Jesus and spend your life in making Him known and His kingdom visible in everyday life by the power of the Spirit.